Someone I know is being abused

Identifying domestic abuse is difficult but there are things you can do to help and support the women involved.

What are the signs?

Does the person you are concerned about:

  • Often make excuses for injuries and justifies his behaviour.
  • Seem to be suffering from low self-esteem, when they are usually confident.
  • Constantly check in with their partner.
  • Seem overly worried about pleasing their partner.
  • Never have money on hand.
  • Skip out on work, school, or social outings for no clear reason.
  • Wear clothes that don’t fit the season, like long sleeves in summer to cover bruises.
  • Wear more make up than usual to hide marks to the face.

How can you help?

Often women suffering from domestic abuse are reluctant to acknowledge there is a problem. Their self worth may be at an all time low and they feel there is no way out of the situation.

Listening and providing support as a friend is the most important way you can help. Believe her and validate what she tells you.

Other ways you can help:

  • Take a look at these organisations who can offer help. Share them with your friend.
  • Allow her to make her own decisions and don’t judge her.
  • Attend appointments with her such as Doctors, Solicitors and Police.
  • Help her to plan leaving her abuser, if that’s what she wants to do.



I think I'm being abused

Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, threatening or violent behaviour can be deemed domestic abuse.

Finding Support

If you need advice and support there are people and organisations ready to help.


Emergency Escape Plan

If you are experiencing domestic abuse there are a few items to pack which would be helpful to bring if you can.

Real Life Stories

“Thank you for having me and for the support to find a new place.”

Real Life Stories

"On arrival I felt very nervous and scared but soon became comfortable and settled and this goes for my son as well.  My time here has been happy and I have grown in confidence.”

Real Life Stories

“As a whole my time went really well at Gilgal, the staff were welcoming and very supportive, I have found my voice again.”

Real Life Stories

“I believe in myself again.”

Real Life Stories

“My problems were listened to and I felt very comfortable staying there.”

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We aim to provide a quality and sensitive service in a safe environment. If you feel intimidated, controlled or silenced, that’s abuse. Whether its psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional – get help now, we want to listen.

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