Emergency Escape Plan

Here are some tips to consider when making your plans to leave.

If you are a woman experiencing domestic violence then your safety is the most important thing. Do not put yourself at risk. If you have to leave with nothing, in order to be safe, then do so.

However, if you are able to plan your exit here are some tips you might want to consider:

  • Hide a set of car keys.
  • Pack a bag with keys, extra clothes, important papers, money, and medicines. You might keep it at a friend’s house.
  • Have a plan for calling the police in an emergency. You might have a code word so your kids, family, friends, or co-workers know you’re in danger.
  • Know where you’ll go and how you’ll get there.

If you are able to pack a bag then here are some practical items it would be helpful for you to pack:


  • Bank cards and bank account details
  • Door keys
  • Money
  • Identification (passport, medical card)
  • Children’s birth certificate
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Mobile phone

I think I'm being abused

Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, threatening or violent behaviour can be deemed domestic abuse.

Someone I know is being abused

You may know a friend, colleague, neighbour, sister, cousin or mum who is experiencing domestic abuse behind closed doors.

Finding Support

If you need advice and support there are people and organisations ready to help.  

Real Life Stories

“Thank you for having me and for the support to find a new place.”

Real Life Stories

"On arrival I felt very nervous and scared but soon became comfortable and settled and this goes for my son as well.  My time here has been happy and I have grown in confidence.”

Real Life Stories

“As a whole my time went really well at Gilgal, the staff were welcoming and very supportive, I have found my voice again.”

Real Life Stories

“I believe in myself again.”

Real Life Stories

“My problems were listened to and I felt very comfortable staying there.”

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We aim to provide a quality and sensitive service in a safe environment. If you feel intimidated, controlled or silenced, that’s abuse. Whether its psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional – get help now, we want to listen.

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